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How to succeed with our Leads?

By February 23, 2018 One Comment

So what it is all about?

We only buy relevant media, people who are interested in trading on line or looking for Trading Education online both on Crypto Traffic . CFD and FX . The media is cleaned and uploaded into our CRM, per country. Or/ and Language

In our call center we phone around 40 countries in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and Arabic using pre-written scripts adapted for both region and language. The calls are made through an automated dialer (therefore eliminating wrong numbers) and all the details of the call get inputted into our CRM.

The brokers receive the filtered leads through API in the early morning the day after the calls were made (for countries like Australia and Malaysia the same day to provide the brands the time to upload the leads to their CRM). What is a filtered lead: We provide not only the personal details (Full name, Email, Contact number, Country, Language) but also notes that were made by our operators during the call.

This information contains the following info: If the lead has trading experience, were they successful or not, if they got assistance from an account manager / 2  specialist or just traded on their own. What tools they want from the broker such as a request for signals, webinars, managed accounts. If they had a bad experience with a previous broker and also the time it’s best for the broker to call and where needed the time zone i.e. in Australia.

Also our highly trained operators try to pass on personal info on the client such as Brian started a new job last week, Jane just had a baby etc. It’s this information which really assists the sales agents when making that initial call as they know how to approach the lead and already have some background info on the person they are calling.

All our calls our recorded for monitoring purposes and upon sign up the brokers may purchase these recordings to assist their sales staff.

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